Founded in 2016, as part of an Algero-Turkish partnership, KNC CONSTRUCTION is a construction company active in the building and public works and hydraulic sectors, throughout the Algerian territory.

KNC CONSTRUCION continues to develop its know-how, human resources and financial capabilities, allowing it to pursue its vigorous development strategy and expand its business into new markets.

KNC CONSTRUCTION has 40 years of experience and expertise from a multi – faceted, highly qualified team that is able to respond to all challenges in a timely manner, guaranteeing a specialized professional service.

Committed to transparency and ethics, KNC relies on these two principles, which represent two important pillars in its work policy and management.

KNC promotes balanced growth that takes into account social and environmental factors

Project KNC:

National & International


Since its creation on 18/05/2016, under the name of SPA KUR CONSTRUCTION, KNC has continued to develop over contracts executed in the housing sector; raising its share capital from 3,000,000.00 DA to 140,000,000.00 AD, as well as the value of its machinery fleet from 90,000,000.00 AD to more than 700,000,000 AD after only two years Thanks to the positive results recorded and also to the development strategy maintained by its Board of Directors, the latter has obtained the category 7 professional qualification and classification certificate, and in October 2018 its human resources have reached a total of of more than 200 employees with more than 35% of its latest component technical coaching.Today the company, by its new name, SPA KNC CONSTRUCTION pursues its development strategy by initiating a program of participation in tenders with the hope of soon becoming a known actor and appreciated by the public administrations of the Algerian state.

Our Partnership

This alliance is based on the cooperation and development of both countries. Turkey is an exceptional model of development (exemplary), its openness to the world has allowed it to form a young population, qualified and connected to the latest technologies. This partnership is concretized through the sharing of experience, skills, know-how and knowledge development which will bring progress and development through the combination of Turkish expertise and the Algerian investment climate. partnership allows to train the Algerian staff and develop a young and qualified generation.