KNC has a large fleet of machines estimated at more than 700,000,000, which is one of the main bases of the company ‘s independence and its capacity to realize a great diversity of projects.
its human resources reached in October 2018 a total of more than 200 employees with more than 35% of its last composing the technical supervision.
The knowledge and experience of our highly qualified team is highlighted to suit the needs of our clients
Ready to train our Algerian youth

Engineers: CV, experience, works


Our mission is to design, finance, build and manage infrastructure and equipment that contribute to the improvement of everyday life and mobility of everyone

Rigor and precision and our policy to guarantee excellence

Guarantee quality according to international standards using the latest technologies in management science and engineering


Our goals are not limited to economic progress alone, but also to the development of the country.

Transfer of know-how
Bringing development to our country
Give the opportunity to young graduates to innovate and develop through our company
The transfer of skills / allows to develop the capacity
train Algerian staff,
privileged opportunity to benefit from the experience, skills