Ethics and transparency are at the heart of the company’s CSR strategy: they define our way of working on a daily basis and form the basis of the relationships we have with each of our stakeholders.

These two values ​​are essential and undisputed mechanisms to preserve the trust of our customers, our stakeholders and our community. Credibility and trust are paramount, our policy contributes to the achievement of our operational objectives while ensuring on a daily basis, to uphold and promote ethical values ​​in the conduct of our activities.


KNC is committed to playing a positive role in the wider community, promoting human values ​​and social inclusion, and implementing responsible environmental protection practices in all its business operations.


KNC CONSTRUCTION is fully aware of its responsibility to protect the environment.

When engaged in the life of your building, KNC’s multi-service and multi-ethnic teams guarantee good operating practices, and act daily on all the parameters that will have a positive effect on its performance. environmental impact.

Our mission is to provide operational solutions that improve the energy performance of the building, with the key:

Preserve the environment and vegetation cover
Integrate the landscape and the natural setting
Integrated choice of products, systems and construction processes
Construction site with low environmental impact
Waste management activity
Sustainability maintenance of environmental performance
Conscious of its duties in this area, KNC wishes to contribute to meeting the economic, ecological and social needs of present and future generations. In other words, we have a duty to respect the principle of sustainable development.

The objective of the KNC environmental quality approach is to reduce the impact of a building on the environment, throughout the life stages of this building (construction, adaptation, deconstruction), while guaranteeing the comfort requirements, quality of life and health